5 Tips To Crush Summer Stress

Summers are almost everyone’s favorite. But it has been found out that during summer, people are unable to cope up with adversity, and their stress levels are spiked. Summertime brings on busy weekdays with a lot of workloads and tight weekends. The traveling urge is too high in summers, and your time is more extended with your friends and family. But can social time bring stress? Yes, but not completely. Another reason for the stress is the atmospheric change and the increased vulnerabilities. Every season has its features plus some dos and don’ts that include eating habits, sleeping schedules, summer infections, scorching heat, weight control, and summer bodies too.

Summer also marks various deadlines for employees, homemakers, and students. Studies have suggested employees are more stressed from April to September. Housewives’ work is more increased just than cleaning the air conditioner, and lastly, students call it the final months of the year as the semester is coming to an end, and there are a bunch of assignments to be submitted.
Now, there must be various reasons why one gets anxious during the summer. But one thing is sure, and stress is caused by your actions and series of activities you carry out during weekdays and ends as well. But if you keep stressing over all the summer, you may miss the fun summertime.

summer stress

So, if we can’t avoid the fact that summers will give us the stress, we can increase the activities that can help us to break the stress and become happier, healthier, and productive. Effective stress management can help to reduce stress and control anger whenever required. How would it make sense if we waste the whole summer stressing over the anxiety and not enjoy the trips to beaches, hill stations and some lovely dinner time with family? Watching out your decisions can help here a lot.

Below are the tips that can help crush the summer stress:-

  1. Identify the stressors: So, one thing we have to accept during summers is that we cannot completely get rid of the stress. But what we can do is manage the stress. Stress management starts with identifying what is causing the stress in the first place. It’s always recommended to start writing down your problems and then thinking of various solutions. When you adopt this cognitive-behavioral approach, you start making many positive decisions. Most of the time, anxiety is caused because we already consider that few things are out of our control, so once you know what you can do and what you can control, you start finding answers to it.
    In summers, stressors like workload, inflammation, irritating heat, etc. anyone of them can turn off your mood. So, first, identify what is that one thing is making you stressed. If it’s work, talk to your boss regarding the bandwidth, if it’s the inflammation watch out your eating habits, if it’s the heat, adopt things that will keep you cooler. Thus, to identify the stressors, take a closer look at your daily habits, attitudes, and excuses that are leading to your stress level spikes.
  2. Prioritize your rest cum remolding time: Rest is much more than just sleeping, lying on the bed, or couch sprawling in front of the TV. Your rest time should help you to replenish your energy, renew your body, and remold your habits for a better and healthier lifestyle. Remember, everything you do can do it all by itself, but a human has to understand what its body requires and then adapt accordingly. We simply understand that our machines need a break once in a while to cool it down and restart. But how often do we consider it for ourselves?
    Summers are best to work on your body. Undertaking various physical activities can not only help to make a summer body but also feel fresh throughout the day. Activities like meditation in the fresh air in the park can increase concentration and breathing habits, which can help to decrease anxiety and stress. A short walk around a beach or cycling session can help you to unwind and start fresh the other day. So, likewise, it’s recommended to invest in the rest time very often and turn it into remodeling time by doing things that can help your summer body and mood requirements.
  3. Stay social: Summers is best known for going out and enjoying the open air. Humans are social animals, and it’s a natural tendency to crave feeling supported, valued, and connected. Staying connected with friends who make you laugh, your co-workers who praise your work, and your most closed ones who are ready to give you warm hugs can help to de-stress. When we reach out to our friends, co-worker, or significant other, we naturally bust stress, relax, relieve the body, and boost each other up.
    When summer has so much to offer you out, why not take this opportunity and meet more people. Getting social not just adds up to the social connections but also deep down helps you to reduce stress and feel that you belong to someone, and someone belongs to you too. We cannot deny that social media has a great influence over our mood, and it’s proved that turning off the alerts and notifications can help to de-stress. So, instead of focusing on technology’s socialness, we should focus more on the people, places, and things that are right in front of us and live a real life.
  4. Please don’t force yourself for anything: Sometimes, we engage in activities that cost us time but do not contribute to our overall happiness. The more unsatisfied we are at the end of the day, the more irritated or unhappy we are. So, it should always be a priority to do things that make you love and release the happy hormone from your brain. Learn to say ‘No’ to all the potential summer activities and only choose things that give you sheer enjoyment. Too often, we get into the habit of saying ‘yes’ to everyone’s demands and prioritize their need over our own, and that surely leads to anxiety and resentment.
    Summers are the time when you have so much time apart from your daily routine. So, instead of saying yes to someone else for their activity, undertake something that you love. Maybe go out for a stroll alone or sit along with a window and listen to some great music. It’s all about keeping yourself happy to cope up with stress. Avoid things on your calendar that could block your time more and do not contribute to your self-care and relaxation. If we’re not concerned about ourselves, we allow stress to mount and take over our lives.

  5. Take care of yourself: Summer comes with some extra time to replenish yourself. But with this, it also has several terms and conditions. All the activities are limited by the scorching heat, harmful rays, tanning, allergies, and inflammation. So, neglecting the health and skin can cause a lot of other problems that will not only give you tension but also stop the activities you want to do but will be restricted due to your carelessness from the beginning.

    Summer body, energy, and mood can majorly depend upon what you eat and what you are habits while you are home or into the sunlight. So, firstly eating clean and cool foods during summer is mandatory to maintain the acidity and inflammation in the body. Secondly, while you are home, you should not feel choked. Wearing loose and breathable clothes should be preferred, and when you are heading out, do not forget to grab some extra cotton jacket on your shoulders, cloth on your head, and sunglasses on your eyes. Remember, if you do not take care of your health and skin, it’s likely to develop some allergy or infection, causing you pain and add up the tension to your already stressed mind.
    Take some sunbaths, go to the spa, and try home remedies to keep your skin clean, and lastly, consume foods and drinks that keep your inner body free from inflammation.


Several things can directly or indirectly affect your summer mood. Some of them are minor and some major, which together can lead to stress leaving you in question what exactly is stressing you. So, don’t forget to look up to your everyday routine and monitor your actions to know exactly what’s adding to your anxiety or consuming the most time, which is not contributing to your happiness. This way, you can crush your summer stress and not only reduce it but also be able to develop a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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