Phalogenics Review

Performance is something you understand is a part of life. It is what has been your driving force from when you were a child. Your performance was built around the competition that surrounded you. You were an ‘A’ student because of the nemesis you had in class who would push you beyond your ordinary. This competition is what got you to be the best in your class while in college.

And that is why you think you never quite saw the performance behind closed bedroom doors as something worth noting. There was never any competition to consider how good you were performing. It only took that nasty ex-girlfriend to tell you that you weren’t enough in terms of sexual performance. And it has been eating at you wondering how you will change your situation. And you have been avoiding relationships like the plague.

You are not a defeatist, though – you are a fighter. There’s something you can do about your situation. You now know you have a weakness. Question is what are you going to do about it? You have a choice to hide away and pretend the success you have out in the world is enough. Or you can take a step to correct your embarrassing situation. The good news is that you are not alone in your struggle. Many men struggle with small penis syndrome.

Small penis syndrome affects a large percentage of men. While this syndrome is only a mindset, you do not want to be stuck with the label of being average. There is more to life. Phalogenics is there to help you change the way you are. You get to learn all you can get from this program to improve your normal state.


What is Phalogenics?

Phalogenics is a program compiled by scientists and researchers to help any man out there struggling with penis size issues. It is a set of exercises geared to building your penis size through physical activity. It follows the basic principle that to grow your muscle mass, you must work out your body. So the exercises in this program are specially designed to direct muscle growth in the penis and its adjacent regions.

Phalogenics means the exercise of the penis as the word ‘phalo’ is Latin for penis, and ‘genics’ implies training. It is believed to be the most popular program for penis enlargement on the Internet. The beauty of it is that it does not involve the use of any dangerous pills or gadgets. The system can safely be used by anyone to yield surprisingly great results. You can get an additional four inches in length using this system.

What’s in the Package?

The system is packaged in a DVD. This DVD has the exercises broken down into the regular day to day sets, so it is easy for you to implement them. These exercises are borne from thousands of hours of research, development, and perfection to give you a lasting solution to your penis size. All the program requires is that you commit some time to exercise daily to develop your penis for the long haul.

This program works in collaboration with two other programs that you get.

  • The first program is a three-part online program that teaches you how to boost your confidence. Confidence is necessary to be able to perform to the best of your ability. You might have the finest tool in the shed, but if you are not confident using it, you will end up underperforming. This program teaches you how to become the best version of yourself.
  • The second program is called Advanced Sexual Mastery, and it teaches you how to utilize your newfound power. You can have the best joystick but not have the skills to play games. This program breaks down for you techniques best used to please your woman. It will guide you in understanding your woman and your tool better.

Getting the Best out of Phalogenics

Phalogenics works around the principle of building and developing muscles. Muscles in your body are developed when stress is exerted on them, causing them to stretch beyond your comfort. The muscles get stretch points as little tears that are then repaired while maintaining the size which they have extended to. Stressing, repair, and healing is the cycle followed to build your body’s muscles. This same cycle is what this program uses to develop the muscles in your penis.

Your penis is made up of spongy connective tissue. The area which enables the penis to expand in size during erection is called the corpora cavernosa. It swells up when it retains the blood sent to it during arousal. The blood is kept in these muscles, thereby causing an erection. The exercises that are created by this program aim to expand these spongy muscles so that they can retain more blood and cause the penis to be bigger in the longer run.

A sponge that is stretched beyond its comfort retains the size it has been stretched to. The spongy tissue in the penis behaves in the same way. It can heal and keep the size it has been stretched to. This stretching enables the fabric to have more space to store blood, causing the penis to be bigger through this action.

Phalogenics Utility

The program that is made is easy to follow. You can access it when you purchase the DVD and start on it right away. It follows the same scheduling you would use when you join the gym. You have to give your body time to adjust to the exercises that you introduce. You will be working your penis almost every day, but taking a day or two to rest during your week.

This rest time ensures you get the most out of your exercising. It also ensures you do not strain too much and that you get to give the muscles time to recuperate and develop. The exercises are simple to understand and will give the desired results of an enlarged penis. All you have to do is take them up religiously and follow the set schedule as your life depended on it. And your penis will appreciate the effort and reward you with a longer tool.

You will also get two programs that work hand in hand with this one. These programs are set to boost your confidence and give you all the information you need to drive your woman crazy and fulfill her greatest desires with your newfound power. You are in safe hands when you learn from this program as it gives you all you need to be a success behind the veil.

How much to Do

Phalogenics is a program that is made to be used consistently in your life. Just like exercise, this program should be integrated into your daily life so that it gives your penis strength and size. You will get to see the positive benefits of the program fast enough as it takes a quick effect on your penile muscles. Simply follow the exercises and embrace the rest days as advised. Do not take it too fast as you may hurt yourself when you do more than is recommended.


Phalogenics Safety Standards

This program is unlike any male enhancement program that is on the market. Most of these programs use strange contraptions or medication. These gadgets come in different shapes and sizes. They are known to cause discomfort, pain, deformation, and even life long side effects. They may work to cause you all these adverse effects yet not even give you the length and girth that you were looking for.

Pills, on the other hand, come from numerous manufacturers. They are so many that you can never be sure what will work for your benefit. These pills have been known to cause life-threatening side effects like heart problems, alleviated heart rate, headaches, hot flushes, everlasting boners, among other harmful side effects.

This program is unlike these other methods in the world. It does not use any external elements to help you achieve your goal. It uses what you have and a little commitment. It will not harm you and will only let you go through the process of growth. This natural process is the safest that you can expose yourself to. It is a safe way to gain penis size.

Phalogenics Gains

Phalogenics is a program that is set to give you great benefits as long as you follow it religiously. Here are the benefits you will get.

  •    Increase in Length and Girth: You will gain from this process as it will increase your penis size by 2-4 inches. This increase will mean you go from 5 inches to 7 and even 9 inches. You can quickly become the man with the biggest tool in the shed.
  •    Stronger Erections: You will get stronger erections as the penile chambers fill with more blood, thanks to the increase in the size of the penis tissues. This increase in size means fuller and thicker erections to pump your woman to kingdom come.
  •    Staying Power: The penis becomes stronger, the more it is engorged with blood. You will be assured that blood will fill you up to the brim and give you the strength you have not experienced before. You will have greater control of your erections and ejaculations too.

Phalogenics Price

The cost of this program is set at $69, which is a drop-down from the retail price of $99. This discount saves you a cool $30. Buying this program not only gives you this one program but also gives you three other programs as a bonus through member-only sites.

On top of these member sites, you will get access to a 14-day trial period of the Advanced Sexual Mastery program. This program is yours for 14 days, and if you do not cancel the subscription, you will be charged $16.10 per month, which is the lowest subscription cost of the program. You will not be a prisoner to the program as you can cancel it at any time you wish to get out.

Phalogenics male enhancement

Phalogenics Refund Policy

The company that has created Phalogenics is confident of the product it has produced. It puts up a 60-day money-back policy. You can always lean on this refund policy if you feel the system has not given you what you expected it to within those two months. All you are expected to do is delete all information you have gotten from the company, be it written, audio, or video form. You then contact customer support and tell them you need your money back.

The company only requests you to give them feedback about your experience. They love feedback so they can keep making themselves better for you and other men out there.


What should I expect the time I begin exercising?

You will go through a short period where your penis adjusts to being stretched beyond what it used to. You will notice this slight change, but it will not be discomforting to you. Your body will then adjust itself to the changes, and it will be seamless for you.

When will I receive my DVD?

You will get your video and content collection the moment you pay for it. You will not have to wait too long for it to get to you.

How fast will I get results?

This program follows the progression your body has of muscle development. You will be bound to start seeing changes by the end of the second week. You will experience more exceptional results as you develop yourself over time.


  • It will give you up to 4 inches in added penis length.
  • It comes with a two-month money-back policy.
  • It is a safe system.
  • It gives you stronger erections.
  • It offers you bonuses for other free programs.


Customer Testimonials

“I have experienced a different side of life since I got my penis enlarged through Phalogenics. It is in the little things like the respect my woman now gives me to the confidence I have doing life out there.” Mark Davis.

“I should have found this program sooner. It gave me such a boost in my performance I am ever grateful. I feel like a stallion any time I am meeting with my wife. And she is so happy to get with me these days. And I know why she is always happy. Thanks, Phalogenics!” Edwin Creep.


An increase in penis size is sometimes looked upon as a myth. Most people are told to be content with what they got when penises were being dished out. You can’t blame people with dangerous pills and gadgets, proving this point. But when you consider that penis exercises work, then you will have the confidence to try out Phalogenics. The beauty is you will be safe from harm when using it.

phalogenics review

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