Do Amino Acid Supplements Help In Weight Loss?

We all have stepped into a new year, yet the lessons learned from the twin year 2020 can never be forgotten, isn’t it? The most important lesson of all that we have learned from the year 2020 is that there is nothing about good health and good immunity. The pandemic that we witnessed made us realize that it takes only a minute to turn the world upside down. Also, many around the world who love to live the life of a couch potato were seen putting effort and giving time to work on their health. We saw an increase in the number of online workout classes even when the gyms were shut.

Amino Acid Supplements Help In Weight Loss

To decide to walk on a fitness journey is one thing and to stay on it is another — It requires consistency, motivation, and focus! To achieve a healthy body with good immunity there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. For example, it is not always about the workouts, it is also about what you are feeding your body with. And then there is another world of supplements that promise great results when it comes to body transformations. So, how true are these supplements? Do they perform as they claim? There is so much debate over this. The latest trend in the world of supplementation is the use of amino acid supplementation. Approach to supplements that eight weight loss needs to be done with utmost caution. There is certainly a lot of hype about supplements that contain amino acids. Most of the people who use such supplements or off and serious weightlifters who require muscle development post their workouts. However, recently a lot of research has gone into finding proof that supplements made of amino acids support weight loss. We are sure most of us don’t even know what amino acids or essential amino acids mean, right? So, let’s dive into the world of supplements and understand if amino acid supplements help in achieving weight loss goals. Read on.

Understanding amino acids, essential amino acids…

You see, amino acids as a popular term that is used among athletes; however, it has also been gaining popularity among people who want to lose those extra kilos as well. The reason for this is the special characteristic features of amino acids that support weight loss.

So, what exactly are amino acids? Amino acids are also known as amino carboxylic acids are considered to be the smallest components in proteins that help in performing important tasks in our bodies. They are found in all the organs of a body and when it comes to metabolism, they are indispensable. You can also look at amino acids as the building blocks of proteins. One interesting fact about amino acids is that they don’t occur on their own, they are always found as a chain of building blocks that are composed differently. The different arrangement of amino acids helps in forming different proteins which have their special characteristics and special functions. So, usually, there are 22 canonical (proteinogenic) and almost 250 non-proteinogenic amino acids.

Most of the amino acids can be produced by the human body itself but some amino acids need to be supplied to the body through dietary supplements or foods – such amino acids are mainly the essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids

Here are the nine essential amino acids:

  • Histidine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine

The production of Arginine, Tyrosine, and Histidine doesn’t start until later times of childhood which is why it is called semi-essential amino acids. Each of these amino acids has a particular function to perform in the body and also poses different effects. Let’s look at some of them.


This essential amino acid is very important for the growth of our muscles. Concentrations of this particular amino acid can be found in abundance in peanuts, soya beans, peas, cheese, almonds, chicken, tuna, and bovine liver. The requirement per day would be about 10–50 MG per KG of body weight.


This amino acid supplies the central nervous system of a body with different messenger substances that are essential for muscle building. This amino acid is found in abundance in peanuts, cashew nuts, lentils, shrimp, beef, chicken, cheese, and peas. The requirement per day would be about 20 MG per kilogram of body weight.


This is the essential amino acid that supports muscle tissue and connective tissue. Lysine gets converted to Carnitine and helps in muscle growth as well as weight loss. This amino acid can be found in abundance in fruits like tangerines and oranges, vegetables like celery and beans. The requirement per day would be about 30-60 MG per KG of body weight.


This is essential as it helps in the formation of red blood cells and white blood cells, it also promotes the healthy function of kidneys. This essential amino acid can be found in abundance in soy, cow’s milk, pumpkin seeds, pork, salmon. The requirement per day could be about 35-50 MG per KG of body weight.


This is accountable for protein production and protects the body from any kind of urinary tract infection. These are found in abundance in fish, liver, eggs, Brazil nuts. The requirement per day would be about 20 MG per KG of body weight.


This amino acid helps in building bones and also promotes the production of antibodies which helps in strengthening the immune system. It is found in abundance in carrots, papaya, and spinach leaves. The daily requirement would be about 16 MG per KG of body weight.

How do amino acids help in weight loss?

There have been a lot of studies and investigations that have been carried out to understand the potential of amino acid supplements and how it supports weight loss and muscle development. Here is a look at some of the conclusions:

Amino acid supplements boost performance

These supplements help you become better at performing your exercises. These supplements are known to pump you with more energy, relieve you from fatigue, and improve your recovery. In the end, you will be able to burn more calories and lose weight by maximizing your workouts.

Increases fat burn

Several studies show how the rest of boost when it comes to fat-burning if one is eating supplements of amino acids. We all know that a greater metabolism rate results in faster burning of fat which naturally leads to faster and natural weight loss as well. A study showed how if a person took amino acid supplementation daily, there was a decrease in the fat percentage of the body among men who were seriously involved in the gym.

Promotes muscle building

The ability of amino acid supplements to increase the rate of fat burn is also related to muscle growth as well. The more percentage of muscle mass a body has, the greater potential there is to lose fat and calories. For it is the muscle tissues that burn more energy than the fact issues as you work it out and build up muscle. This also reps up your metabolism and you end up burning more calories than ever. Therefore, if amino acid supplements succeed in helping you build muscle, then it will help you in losing weight as well. The key is to supplement with branched-chain amino acids.

Stimulates growth hormone

The STH or Somatrotropin is a growth hormone that our body produces at night while we sleep. This is the hormone that stimulates protein buildup from amino acids and also takes care of the oxidation of fat. One simple way of losing weight and fat is to ensure to have more of this growth hormone. You cannot just supplement this STH or get it injected. The only way to increase the percentage of this growth hormone is to supplement with amino acids that will help in the stimulation of secretion of STH in our body.

The answer lies in the choices we make when it comes to amino acid supplements. It is always advised to consult your doctor and a nutritionist if you want to start taking amino acid supplements. The amino acid supplements will help you inch closer to your weight loss goals. Being consistent with your workouts, following a healthy diet that is rich in all nutrients, and also taking the right guidance when it comes to supplements will help you boost your immunity as well as your overall health while still achieving your ultimate weight goals. Stay fit, stay healthy, and stay happy!

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