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Once we have passed a certain age, we feel our bodies beginning to slow down. This is the onset of old age. We feel differently, we may not be suffering from any disease yet the capabilities of our bodies are considerably reduced and it becomes more fragile with each passing day. We aren’t sure of the reason behind this so we simply chalk it off as the effects of old age. Old age as we know it is not an ailment in itself yet your health suffers enormously as the years creep up. You continue to keep a healthy diet, a good routine, yet why is it that old age comes with so much suffering?

The answer to this question is; hormones. Hormones are the culprit here, the lack of or decrease in production levels within our body is what leads to the eventual degeneration of human beings. Our bodies produce hormones throughout our life cycle. These hormones essentially control all of our bodily functions and emotions. One such hormone is the Human Growth Hormone or HGH as we know it. This is an essential hormone; it facilitates growth by stimulating cell reproduction and regeneration. Old age is nothing but a result of the decreased HGH levels in our body.

The human body after a certain period is prone to witness a decline in the production of HGH. As the Human Growth Hormone levels begin to recede, our body begins to experience; what we call as; old age. So, what do we do? Despite living in this modern era of advanced science, is it even justified that we continue to suffer? The answer is no. The Gen FX HGH releaser is a straight and simple answer to this problem. There are numerous options available in the market that promise to get your youth back but more often that than not fail to do deliver even half of what they claim to. With this review, we will try to understand how is GenFX different and we hope by the end of this review you will be able to make the right choice for yourself and your loved ones.

GenFX HGH Pills

About the GenFX HGH Releaser

GenFX HGH releaser is a dietary supplement, designed especially and with extreme care to help you fight the signs of old age and make you feel younger. Natural Health Science Inc. Is the manufacturer of this wonder drug. It is a renowned company from New Jersey, specializing in the line of health products.

GenFX is a potent HGH releaser. It stimulates the pituitary gland into increasing the production level of the human growth hormone cells. The increase in your body’s HGH levels is marked by regaining a fit physique, enhanced cognitive functions, development of lean muscle, and younger, radiant-looking skin. All of this is achieved by re-engineering your body’s mechanism to work for your wellness.

The main objective of the GenFX HGH releaser is to revitalize your body and bring back those lost years. It is aimed at doing so by solving the problem of hormone deficiency in your body and restoring your youth and vigor. With the GenFX HGH releaser, you will feel the years fade away and will find your body fit and capable of doing everything that you could easily do in your younger days. All you need to do is add this supplement to your daily diet and these magic pills will do the rest for you. It is now possible to boost your muscle tone, energy levels, sexual performance, and much more, easily at a very economic price.

How does the GenFX HGH releaser work?

To understand a product and its effect it is crucial to know the science behind it. GenFX has been formulated with great care with the help of select ingredients to help you restore your youth. Let explore the list of ingredients used to formulate the GenFX HGH releaser and find out how they work in combination to help you fight the signs of growing age.

GenFX supplement

  • Amino acids: the GenFX HGH releaser contains 7 essential amino acids that are enormously beneficial in fighting the ill effects of old age. These amino acids are not naturally occurring in the human body, you need to obtain it from an outside source. GenFX contains 12 amino acids in total. A regulated intake of these amino acids; post a workout session lead to high anabolic effects on your body.
  • L-lysine, L-arginine, L-ornithine-if consumed orally, L-lysine, L-arginine, and L-ornithine can result in the gain of muscle mass and give you added strength. These three ingredients are often used by athletes to help them gain lean muscle. Intake of L-lysine or L-arginine does not have any significant effect on your body. However, when taken in combination, these compounds tend to yield high levels of HGH hormones from the anterior pituitary gland.
  • L-glycine and L-glutamine- These are also two kinds of amino acids, which help in gain of lean muscle and getting rid of that stubborn body fat. L-glycine and L-glutamine also enhance the production of HGH hormones and help you overcome the negative effects of the growing years on you. These components have been proven to have a highly positive effect on the elderly age group.
  • L-Pyroglutamate, or L-pyroglutamic acid- these two components have been known to have a positive impact on brain functions. They are known to promote the survival of neuronal cells. This will give you an improved memory, better clarity in thoughts, and a sharp mind.
  • Plant-based ingredients: GenFX contains several plant-based extracts such as- Panax ginseng powder; which is beneficial in stimulating the survival of neuronal cells and making you much more alert and enhances blood circulation in your body. Soy phosphatide complexes, another important plant extract helps in improving your cognitive abilities. It reduces cholesterol and LDL in the plasma.
  • Animal-based components- the extracts used from animal-based components are broken down into amino acids, which is further processed into essential proteins by your system.

All these ingredients are combined in carefully calculated proportions to give you an efficient HGH releaser. With the help of these ingredients; GenFX can provide you a youthful body with lean muscle, reduced-fat, and improved cognitive abilities.

Benefits of GenFX HGH releaser

GenFX is tremendously helpful in fighting the ill-effects of the growing years on you. You can gain from this diet supplement in the given ways:

  • The GenFX HGH releaser will help you gain your youthful vigor and looks back.
  • It is easy to use. The GenFX HGH releaser comes in the form of a tablet, all you need to do is take this tablet with water and add a workout routine to your daily life. This simple process will ease off the wrath of old age from the body, making you fit like never before.
  • GenFX enables weight loss, which is difficult to achieve past a certain age. Those piling pounds of flesh are not only unpleasant to look at but also pose a health hazard if let gone unchecked for long.
  • GenFX HGH releaser will assist your body to achieve lean muscle.
  • This diet supplement has anti-aging properties that will fight off the free radical damage done to your skin and give you a radiant and younger skin texture.
  • GenFX also promises to bring the spark back in your sex life, with the renewed vigor and strength in your body, you will be able to perform much better in bed.
  • GenFX reduces the cholesterol levels and LDL in the plasma, making you healthy and fit.
  • It enhances and strengthens your immune system, making your body strong and able to defend itself from various viruses and bacteria attacks.
  • GenFX HGH releaser gives you enhanced cognitive functions. You will gain a sharper mind equipped with better mental and longer memory.
  • GenFX improves bone density. Old age is known to make your bones and teeth weak, leading to major injuries in even a minor accident which sometimes may even end up leaving you crippled for the rest of your life. With GenFX you do not have to worry about such incidents, you will in a much better state and stronger for your years.
  • You will experience a spurt of energy and activeness once you start to take GenFx daily. The enhanced HGH levels will keep you energized throughout the day.
  • GenFX works both for men and women, so both the sexes can benefit from this product.
  • The company provides a 60-days refund on GenFX.

Disadvantages of GenFX

  • The GenFX HGH releaser is not available in local stores. You will need to place your order online, on the official website.
  • They provide express shipping only in the United States of America.

Price and Refunds Policy for GenFX

The GenFX HGH releaser can be bought through the official website. There is a bevy of attractive discounts and combo packs available to pick from, for the customers. You can choose any of the below mentions offers and get your GenFX now!

  • 1-month supply for 49 USD. Shipping charges to be paid additionally.
  • 2-month supply 89.90 USD (save 10 USD). Shipping charges to be paid additionally.
  • 3-month supply for 124.85 USD (41.62 USD per pack) along with a 25 USD NHS gift card and free shipping.
  • 4-month supply for 149.80 USD (37.45 USD per pack) along with a 25 USD NHS gift card and free shipping.
  • 5-month supply for 174.75 USD (34.95 USD per pack) along with a 25 USD NHS gift card and free express shipping. (in the USA only)
  • 6-month supply for 199.70 USD (33.28 USD per pack) along with a 25 USD NHS gift card and free express shipping. (in the USA only)
  • 12-month supply for 399.40x USD (33.28 USD per pack) along with a 25 USD NHS gift card and free express shipping. (in the USA only)

The company offers a 60-days refund policy. You can try their product for 60 days. If the results are not to your liking, you can claim a full refund from the company. Shipping and handling charges remain non-refundable.

genfx review

What are the customers saying?

Let us hear from the customers about their experiences from using the GenFX HGH releaser.

Post my forties, I have always been plagued by pains in my knee. Climbing steps had become such a ginormous task. This along with the symptoms like a forgetful memory and inactive libido, all indicated that my glory years were becoming a thing of the past. And what a shame it was! All my life I worked hard to become successful and when the time came to reap the benefits of it and enjoy, my body began to fail me. I had a friend who was of my age nearly and was twice as active as me. It seemed as if the growing years seemed to not affect him, the man used to climb steps up to 14 floors with ease followed by an hour-long exercise session. While I could not even think of achieving a quarter of what he did, in my day. One day, after work, I couldn’t stop myself from asking him about it, how despite the age, he managed to be so fit. He introduced me to GenFX. I have been using it ever since and it has turned my life around. From someone who could barely manage to come back from work and eat dinner, I now can do whatever I please. Even after spending a full day of work, I feel so full of energy. I can go out, socialize, resume my swimming, play sport, and best of all have improved stamina in bed. This is a highly potent supplement that delivers all that it claims and much more. I will recommend to every person who thinks old age is the end of it all. – Jerry.


Old age is just one of the phases of life, it does not necessarily mean that all the fun has to end with the onset of age. With the new GenFX HGH releaser you can be all you want to be and lead a fulfilling life. This is the phase when you have the time and resources to relax and enjoy life without worry, why should such a time be marked with ailing health?

GenFX will help you regain your youth and vigor and restore all yourself confidence. With the all-new GenFX HGH releaser, age will just be a number, you will be as fit and healthy as in the days of your youth.

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