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The air around us is full of allergens, microbes, dust particles, pollutants, pathogens, and more. With the advancement of industrialization, pollution is increasing, which is making our immune system weak. The increasingly vulnerable immune system is making us more prone to diseases, especially those that are airborne. For those who live in metro cities, finding areas with fresh air to breathe has become a luxury. There is so much pollution in the air that simply breathing in and out is equal to smoking multiple cigarettes every day. To protect your health from the risk of lung disorders, you need to wear good quality facemask like Oxybreath Pro while going out.

Airborne diseases like Coronavirus have become a global crisis on this date. Every doctor and health professional is advising you to wear the best quality mask properly to make sure you do not breathe in the pathogens. The fear of contagious diseases is, unfortunately, not limited to Coronavirus. There are other airborne diseases as common as cold and flu that can make your life miserable. To stay safe from such issues, it is better to wear a mask while going out.

OxyBreath Pro

Oxybreath Pro is a premium face mask that filters the air you breathe every day. It is one of the easiest ways to keep you and your loved ones safe without spending a fortune. The filtration system installed in the face mask helps in keeping your safe from the airborne illnesses. As it filters the pollutants, it improves the health of your lungs.

Oxybreath Pro is made out of three layers of filters. The material is breathable, and it comes with sweat absorption technology. It is super comfortable to wear and does not harm your skin. As it is washable, you can reuse the same mask even after more than 350 washes. Not only it saves you from the harmful effects of pollution, but it also takes care of the environment, unlike the disposable masks.

Oxybreath Pro is ergonomically designed, keeping in mind the fact that the shape of the faces varies from person to person. It adequately covers the nose and mouth. The adjustable traps do not have any rough edges making the mask comfortable to wear for long hours. Though the material used in the mask is washable, it still resists splashes of water.

While choosing a face mask, the features matter a lot. Oxybreath Pro comes with 2.5PM particles filter that makes sure the air you are breathing is safe and clean. It traps all the dust and pollutants and lets you breathe the freshest possible air.

How does Oxybreath Pro work?

OxyBreath Pro review

There are numerous types of face masks available in the market, but to find the one that can protect you from every possible pathogen is not easy. Oxybreath Pro is one of the very few masks available that come with multiple layers of the filtration process. In the first layer, the dust particles and debris in the gets captured. These are mainly allergens that can cause sinusitis and other respiratory problems.

The inner filtration layers contain 100% pure activated carbon filters that absorb the pathogens, microbes, unfiltered dust, and other pollutants. The polyurethane materials keep all harmful particulates at bay. Oxybreath Pro is ahead of its competitors in the market in this aspect, even viruses are filtered out. So much so, that it can capture particles as small as 2.5PM. Filtering out these fine particles protects your lungs from long-term damage.

There is a breathing valve attached to the mask that helps in smooth exhalation while breathing. The ear rope is highly elastic, causing no pull on your ear and yet stays stable while you commute through the high-traffic areas.

Characteristics of Oxybreath Pro

  • Incredibly useful: The three-layer filtration process that comes with this face mask is highly effective. The first layer completely removes larger particles like dust etc. The carbon filter eliminates microbes, unfiltered dust, pathogens, and other pollutants. The third reinforcement layer ensures there are no particulates left in the filtered air. With such a sophisticated filtration system, it works much better than most of the facemasks available in the market.
  • High-quality material: The build quality of the face mask is very sophisticated. It comes with polyurethane materials blended with carbon fiber that ensures durability.
  • Comfortable to use: It is a fit-to-all mask, you need not worry about the size while buying it. It fits on everyone’s face correctly irrespective of age and size. You can purchase such masks for children, adults, and elders.
  • Robust and reliable: While traveling in public transport, you are often jostled around. Most of the face masks often come out or get torn away due to the impact. However, Oxybreath Pro is secure and reliable. It will not move even when you commute through high-traffic zones, protecting you throughout your time outdoors.
  • Smooth exhalation: The mask contains a valve that opens up as soon as you breathe out and allows carbon dioxide and moisture to flow out immediately. This process is essential to keep the mask comfortable to wear, without heating up the surface of your skin.
  • Attractive designs: Unlike the bulky models of the other masks in the market, the sleek appearance of Oxybreath Pro will make you want to show it off when you wear it.

OxyBreath Pro in Singapore

Benefits of using Oxybreath Pro

Oxybreath Pro comes with a well-researched designed to make sure you and your loved ones stay safe from the harmful effects of pollution and diseases. Here are some of the main benefits of using Oxybreath Pro:

  • Multiple layers of filtration: Oxybreath Pro comes with multiple layers of filtration. It helps in removing 99% of the pollutants from the air you breathe in, making it one of the most reliable products available in the market.
  • Full protection: Not only pollutants but critical viruses as well are filtered out, protecting you from all ailments that are transmitted through the air.
  • Easy to clean: As it is a washable product, you can wash it multiple times. It is effortless to clean, and a mild detergent is more than enough to make it as good as new.
  • Wash and reuse: Unlike the disposable masks, you can wash it when it gets dirty and remove all trapped materials, and reuse it multiple times. This is beneficial for the environment as well and saves you the expenditure of having to buy new facemasks repeatedly.
  • Easy to carry: As it is foldable, you can easily take it in your pocket or backpack when you are not using it.
  • Excellent fit: One of the main problems that people face with such masks is that they often do not fit comfortably. That is not the case with the Oxybreath Pro. It has versatile straps that comfortably fit around the ears of people of all ages.
  • Anti-slip: It comes with an anti-slip technology that ensures it will remain in its position until you remove it.

Technical specifications of Oxybreath Pro

  • Function: Anti-fog, anti-PM 2.5, anti-pollutant, anti-dust, anti-road violence.
  • Filter effect: 95 percent or more
  • Two-layer polyurethane filtration: The first layer works as a filter for large particles and dust. The second layer functions as a filter for bacteria and unfiltered dust.
  • Mask style: Hanging ear cover. It covers the nose and mouth completely.
  • Is there a breathing valve: Yes
  • Material: microfibre
  • Protection level: N95
  • Size: approx. 27×14 cm
  • Air filter: 2.5 PM dust-free air filter
  • Virus filtration: Carbon activated layer to keep out the viruses like Coronavirus and H5N1

How to use Oxybreath pro

Oxybreath Pro face mask is straightforward to use. Both children and adults can use it. Please follow the steps mentioned below to use the mask:

  • Keep the valve on the outside and hold the mask close to your face
  • Put the straps behind your ear
  • Make sure it covers both nose and mouth adequately.
  • While removing the mask, remove the straps first.
  • It is advisable not to touch the front side of the mask often.

It will give the best performance if you wash it at least once a week.

From where to purchase Oxybreath Pro

As it is a good quality Facemask and a popular product, some duplicates are available as well. To make sure you get a genuine product, you will do well to buy the mask from an official website. You can also avail of substantial discounts and offers that are not available with any other e-commerce websites.

Price of Oxybreath Pro

At present, Oxybreath Pro is available for the amount of USD 49, at a discount of 50%. You can obtain a 67% discount on the purchase of two masks and a 73% discount if you decide to buy three masks together. The cost of shipping will depend on your location. You can make the payment online through Visa or MasterCard, or through PayPal.

OxyBreath Pro

Replacement and money back

The company is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on Oxybreath Pro. If you want to return the product and get a refund, please make sure that you do not open it. You will get a refund after deducting shipping charges and taxes. Please note that if you have opened the product and find it faulty, you can ask for a replacement.

Pros and cons of Oxybreath Pro


  • Reusable eco-friendly that you can wash multiple times.
  • Three layers of the filtration process.
  • It can filter dust particles, pollutants, and microbes, including viruses.
  • Easy to use and easy to carry.
  • Affordable.


  • Limited stock, order fast to avoid sellouts

Oxybreath Pro customer reviews

Gabriel: I travel a lot, and I love walking wherever and whenever possible. However, in the last few years, I have noticed that I am unable to breathe properly because of the increasing pollution. After consulting with a few specialists, I decided to buy a good quality facemask. I came to know about the Oxybreath Pro mask from a friend who is using it for the last few months. As it is an affordable product, I thought of giving it a try. Believe me, I have never been happier with any purchase before. It is not only comfortable to wear but effortless to use as well. As it is reusable, I won’t have to buy another mask for months to come. The valve for exhaling is perfectly placed, which makes the breathing process even more comfortable. For me, it is one of the best facemasks currently available in the market.

Dorthy: I often have to visit places where air quality is terrible. I have asthma, and poor air quality often triggers an attack. Though I don’t mind taking my inhaler everywhere with me, how far can I go with having to take medicine every time I go out? I thought, why not give facemasks a try and bought Oxybreath Pro after reading its reviews. I received it a month ago, and in this one month, I have not been sick even once because of pollution. In my experience, going anywhere without a mask was a poor decision, and I should have bought Oxybreath Pro much before. But as the saying goes, it’s never too late. I would definitely suggest this mask to everyone.

Final words

In almost every part of world pollution is one of the biggest problems. Some parts of the world are so polluted that breathing without any protection there is equivalent to passive smoking. Also, the risk of airborne diseases like the flu, H1N1, and the formidable Coronavirus are on the rise, some becoming global epidemics. Thus, it is vital to protect your lungs all the time with a good quality facemask like Oxybreath Pro. If you spend a long time outdoors, this mask is ideal for you. Get one today, experience improved breathing quality, and take good care of your health.

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