Why Erectile Dysfunction Is Nothing To Be Embarrassed About?

Erectile dysfunction is one of those topics that men want to avoid talking about. If you are a man, you would want your penis to work whenever you want it to and when it doesn’t, it might freak you out. It is not something that you might be comfortable talking to your partner, friends, and even your doctor. You might feel that you have failed as a man if you cannot get an erection on cue. You are worried that when the news about your ED gets out, you will lose your confidence. The more men start to talk about ED and accept that it is common, and every guy will face ED from time to time, the more men will be confident enough to talk about it. It is a common notion about men that they are always ready for sex, are always confident in bed, and never have any problems. But the reality is far from it. When men suffer from erection issues or premature ejaculations, they can get terrified and worry about being ridiculed. A lot of men are also traumatized, lose their self-esteem, and it often affects their relationships.

If you are one of those men who are suffering from ED, there is nothing for you to feel embarrassed about. One in almost five men suffers from ED, and the good news is that it is treatable most of the time. The next time you go out and look at other men, you will be looking at men who might even have the same problem as you. Often, erectile dysfunction becomes a major concern when people are too embarrassed to seek help.

erectile dysfunction

Top Reasons a Lot of People Embarrassed about ED

Despite erectile dysfunction being very common, it is will weighed down by the stigma surrounding it. Men start to believe that having some sort of ED can make them less of a man, and it reflects many problems in the bedroom. For those who are young, they believe that it is something that happens to only older men and not men of their age. All of these concerns make many men believe that having ED is a failure in life, or they might have done something to cause it. These negative feelings often lead to other physical and mental problems that can make ED even worse. It is important for men as well as women to speak about ED openly and not be embarrassed about it to break the stigma cycle. There is a lot of information out there that can help men battling with ED get the advice and support they need.

5 Myths about ED that makes it Difficult for Men to Seek Treatment for ED

Since erectile dysfunction is a difficult topic to talk about, there are a number of myths surrounding it that prevent men from seeking the help they need. Here are some of the top myths that you shouldn’t believe –

Myth 1# ED is an Old Man’s Disease

Even though ED is much more common among older men and the risk increases with age, even younger men can suffer from ED. The number of younger men affected by ED is on the rise

Myth 2# ED Reflects Lack of Masculinity

Even ‘real men’ can suffer from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can happen to any man of any age, irrespective of their background.

Myth 3# It Shows You Don’t Want to Have Sexual Intercourse

Sexual desires and ED are not always linked. You might be more aroused than you have ever been and still failed to get an erection if you have an ED.

Myth 4# It Has Nothing to Do with Your Health Problems

Having erectile dysfunction can often alert you about some underlying health issues such as hypertension or diabetes that you might not have caught otherwise. When these health problems are caught early, they can easily be treated before they become unmanageable.

Myth 5# It is All in the Head

There might be cases where ED is only psychological, but the problem is due to a physical one, which is often the case; avoiding it will not fix it on its own.

Raising awareness against the above misconception will allow more men to talk to their doctors about their problems and break the stigma surrounding erectile dysfunction. Instead of quietly living with the problem, more men will be able to come forward and not feel embarrassed to talk to their doctor openly.

Benefits of Opening Up About ED

Even though talking about erectile dysfunction is not always easy, it is important that you open up about the problems you are facing and take steps to treat it. if you have been contemplating whether you should talk to your doctor about your problem or not, here are some of the benefits of talking about ED openly –

  • Your Sex Life Can Improve Drastically – Our relationships and sex life evolve with time. It is not uncommon to face challenges in a relationship, and ED might be one of them. Having ED at some point of time in life does not mean you won’t enjoy your sex life again. Thus, it is important to address any erectile dysfunction issues so that you can have a healthy sex life.
  • Help Reveal Other Health Issues – There are many physical, psychological, and emotional reasons why you might be experiencing ED. But a lot of times, it is a sign of some serious conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic inflammation, heart and vascular disease, stress, depression, sleep disorders, and many others.
  • Improve Your Mental Health – Since ED is often linked to depression and anxiety, often the symptoms of mental problems can greatly interfere with your sex life. Often ED becomes a cause of depression and leads to low self-confidence, frustration, and sadness. Discussing ED with your doctor will help boost your self-esteem and get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Greatly Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases – Erectile dysfunction can predict any future heart problems, just like excessive smoking, high cholesterol, or a family history of heart diseases. Your doctor should be able to help lower the risk of heart diseases and even allow you to seek preventive treatments.
  • Break Stigma around Erectile Dysfunction – Erectile dysfunction is much more common than you think. It can help men of all ages, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Going through the doctor’s consultation will help others come forward and talk about their ED rather than suffer in silence.

Irrespective of the reason you talk about ED with your doctor, he or she should be able to create a treatment plan to address the ED and any underlying problem that might be a risk to your health. Some of the treatment options available for men with ED include lifestyle changes, medications, and counseling. All of these together help achieve a more positive result. It is important to get a regular check-up done and speak to your doctor about the problem for a healthy sexual life.

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