Why People With Diabetes Should Avoid Meal Skipping?

One of the most common reasons for falling prey to diabetes is poor weight management. People who are obese and whose BMI levels of way beyond the tab that it should be, often fall prey to diabetes. And those who are diagnosed with diabetes set off on a full fledged weight loss journey in order to obtain ideal body weight and maintain the body in the most healthy way possible. This more is a great move, however, skipping means in order to lose those extra kilos is not the right method. The diet market currently is at its most powerful speed especially in the US. Diet markets revenue has reached a whopping $78 billion according to a report conducted in 2019. If you are a person who follows a diet strictly and is still not able to obtain the results you are looking for, you might be lured to follow the method of skipping meals in order to shed those extra kilos. This will help you lose weight and also save some money, isn’t it? But please remember that skipping meals is a very bad idea. Skipping means is considered to be one of the worst things you can do to your body especially when you are diabetic. It is one thing to skip a particular meal because you are caught up with work or something popped up unexpectedly, but remember you should not skip your meals intentionally.

Let’s look at the negative side effects when you skip a meal

Skipping meals detriment is your health especially when you are diagnosed with diabetes. The first and foremost principle that doctors asked the patients to follow in the case of diabetes is that it is very important to eat balanced meals at regular intervals as this will help in stabilizing blood sugar levels of the body. If you are consuming diabetes medicines then it tells your pancreas to produce insulin and if you skip a meal during this time, your blood sugar levels will drop instantly. Lower blood sugar levels also called hypoglycemia is defined as a number that is less than 70 MG/DL and it should be treated with at least 15 g of immediate acting carbohydrate in order to bring the blood sugar levels back to a safe level. If you suffer from lower blood sugar, you are more likely to eat more calories from sugary foods in order to pick it up. And if you are someone who is trying to shed those extra kilos, this will not make any sense because you might have to start eating extra calories and you might also be feeling a bit crummy too. And understand that frequent instances of lower blood sugar levels are not only dangerous for a body but it also can lead to weight gain which is the last thing that you would want.

Also remember that if you skip a meal, it doesn’t mean that you can eat double meals later on. You must never go overboard when it comes to carbohydrates consumption especially during dinner. When you eat a large meal that is rich in carbohydrates the body tends to produce a huge amount of insulin in order to reduce the blood sugar levels. And if you are diabetic, this mechanism does not favor your health. Your pancreas will not be able to keep up with the glucose load or the insulin that your body is making. The result of this will be a high blood sugar level that might make you feel irritable or tired.

Can skipping meals lead to weight loss?

Skipping meals will lead to poor food choices while eating your next meal. And this holds true! Oftentimes, if you skip a meal, we end up becoming so hungry that by the time the next meal comes, we can see ourselves over consuming food that is bad for your health. Over eating meals can instantly result in weight gain as well as high blood sugar levels. Therefore, the essential key for losing weight is to stick to a well-balanced, whole food healthy meal plan that states but within the calorie budget.

Your mood and meals

Do you feel irritated whenever you are hungry? The reason behind this will be low blood sugar levels. And leading your body to our low blood sugar level is extremely dangerous when you are diabetic. It will make you feel very anxious, angry, and confused. Always ensure that you eat regular meals in order to fuel your body with the energy it requires to survive the day. Think of your body as if it was a car and it needs fuel to go every few hours. Without adequate fuel, your car will not be able to function up to its optimum capacity.

Skipping meals can never be a solution to control your blood sugar levels or to achieve weight loss. If you are a person who is diabetic and is trying to lose weight, then you must look at eating regular meals that are rich in vegetables, fruits, healthy carbohydrates, lean protein, and fiber in order to achieve successful weight loss and maintain optimum blood sugar levels.

And always remember to ensure that you get your key nutrients right. Ensure that your meals include recommended daily intake of minerals, protein, vitamins, fiber. If you skip meals it reduces your daily required nutrient intake and it will leave you with a body that has a compromised immune system and several mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

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