Can Exercise Actually Improve Your Sex Life?

Why do people exercise? Ask anybody this question in their answer would be to keep themselves fit and healthy. Now, what does fit even mean? Exercising comes with loads of benefits – helps you sleep better, stress levels are normal, bills of the strength of the body, and it just makes you feel good about yourself, doesn’t it? But if all of these are not good enough reasons for you to ramp up your fitness game, we are giving you a better reason – for better sex! Yes! You heard it right! If you are exercising regularly, then consider that your sex life is getting fitter two. Before we begin, we really want to throw light to the fact that it can mean different things for different people. For some being fit means looking good when the sun being fit means worshiping the human body to the optimum. Therefore throw away those preconceived notions about what you knew before about what Fitness meant and get ready to sweat it out so that your bedroom time with your partner gets more sizzled up.

So, how can exercising regularly affect one’s sex life?

Whether it is about having a direct impact or whether its effects are meant to be more regular or subtle – exercising does offer a range of sex enhancing physical and mental benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

It tends to reduce stress

Having the mood for great sex is very vital. Imagine carrying a baggage full of stress or tension in your mind when you enter the bedroom with your partner. All that work piled up, all the chores that need to be done, looking after pets and kids – mood can definitely kill! Exercising is definitely a remedy here — physical activity is known to produce endorphins which are the hormones that act like natural pain relievers that make you feel happier. And if you are happier, your sex life is definitely sure to bloom.

It might boost blood flow and its circulation

When we exercise our heart rate becomes more as our heart contracts faster. Because of this blood circulation throughout the body becomes healthy. Good circulation of blood increases the sensation which matters most when you’re having oral sex. Especially for males, it reduces your chances of falling prey to erectile dysfunction. Although there are several things that are attributed to ED, everything is connected with the blood not being able to travel healthy lead to the penis effectively.

It will boost your self-esteem

Doing regular physical activities will make you feel good about yourself and this will translate naturally in your bedroom as well. One of the studies from an older journal related to human sexuality found that people who exercise are more likely to have a positive view about themselves and will feel more sexually desirable to their opposite sex as well.

It might lead to frequent and even more intense orgasms

When you exercise regularly, or its hours, your body has a stronger core, leg muscles, and pelvic floor. If you are living a sedentary life then your body will not be flexible and we all know how much flexibility matters while having sex. The stronger your muscles are especially around your pelvic floor, the more intense your orgasms will be.

Role of exercising in increasing sensation and stamina

This is no hidden secret that you have great sex you need to have good stamina and of course you need to feel the sensation in order to feel elated with your partner on bed in between sheets. And if you need an active lifestyle you might find that some of the exercises that you have been doing in the gym or at home does provide some sexy benefits as well. Consider the below mentioned exercises to increase your sensation and stamina when having sex:

  • Bridge-it strengthens your glutes, pelvic floor, and hamstrings. It helps you thrust harder as well as longer.
  • Kegel-it is a very popular exercise when it comes to the pelvic floor as it strengthens the muscles around the nether area. It also means incredible power control and bladder control along with improving a sexual function.
  • Lunch- this targets the legs and promotes stability.
  • Squat-stronger legs are very important in the bedroom. Doing this exercise will target your hamstrings, clothes, and quads.
  • Plank-it is a full body exercise that is amazing for building your overall stability and strength. It teaches you to support your own body weight. And we know how much balancing in unstable position is important while having sex.
  • Push-up-upper body strength is very important as it helps to support your body weight with is when you’re trying or getting experimented with positions while having sex.

Can we count sex as an exercise?

We are very sure that this question comes in your mind every time you have sex, doesn’t it? Sexual activity equals Hardwork, especially when you are performing sex in complicated positions. And when you move your body in a way that is beneficial for your health, we hate to break it to you that sexual activity is not a calorie burner activity. A certain study that was undertaken in 2013 showed how 21 heterosexual couples who were in the early 20s actually tracked the energy expenditure while having sex and while doing exercise. The result of this study shows that on an average, healthy participants burn just 3.6 cal per minute while performing sexual activity.

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