Can Old Vasectomies Be Reversed?


Every minute on Earth, about 250 babies are born. About 130 million babies are born every year on Earth, leads to the situation of overpopulation. Countries like India and Bangladesh are already struggling with overpopulation. To control this situation, medical science found a solution called Vasectomy. The first recorded Vasectomy was performed on a dog in 1823. During the Second World War, Vasectomy regarded as a method of birth control. Today it is performed around the world.

Vasectomy is a small surgery. In this operation, the doctor cut the vas deferens. Vas deferens is a tube that connected the testicles with the penis. By cutting this tube, the doctor stops the sperms from reaching the semen. The production of sperms does not stop, but it cannot reach the semen. Sperm is needed to make a woman pregnant. If there is no sperm in the semen, a woman cannot be pregnant. This procedure is called a Vasectomy. It is permanent and widely used in the world to control the birth rate.


Types of Vasectomy Procedures

Vasectomy is a very simple process. A doctor can perform this procedure in the clinic. There are two types of Vasectomy procedures.

  • Conventional Vasectomy
  • No-Scalpel Vasectomy

Conventional Vasectomy

In this procedure, the doctor makes two small cuts in the scrotum. Two tubes connect testicles to the penis. Sperm reaches to the penis through these tubes, called Vas deferens. Each tube is connected to each testicle. In this procedure, the doctor cut both the tubes and stitches the edges so that the sperm cannot pass through these tubes. This procedure is a bit risky as compared to the other procedure. That is why this procedure is rarely used in the world.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy

This procedure is much safer than the Conventional Vasectomy procedure. In this procedure, the doctor makes a tiny hole in the scrotum. A clamp used to hold the vas deferens in their place. Through the hole, the doctor cuts a piece of the vas deferens and sealed it. There are no stitches needs in this procedure. This procedure is more common and used more all over the world because there is a lower risk of any kind of side effects.


Vasectomy is more than 99% effective. The procedure is successful in most cases. There are very rare cases when the vasectomy procedure failed. Otherwise, in almost all cases, it works perfectly. No man can get pregnant a woman after getting this procedure done. Before getting this procedure done, one should think wise because once the sterilization is done, he cannot become a father again. Vasectomy is being used by all the countries to control population and birth rate. Vasectomy has played a very important role in controlling the population of the world, by far the most successful and effective method of population control by medical science. It is widely used in those countries which are struggling with overpopulation.

Side Effects

The vasectomy procedure is very safe. It is a very simple surgery, a very simple procedure that can be done in a doctor’s office. A person rarely experiences any side effects after getting this procedure done. It is very rare, but a person can have the following side effects after the surgery.

  • Swelling
  • Bruises
  • Inflammation
  • Infection

None of the above side effects are serious. If a person has these side effects, there is no need to get panicked. Just tell the doctor what you are feeling, and the doctor will cure it with medications. Vasectomy does not affect anyone’s sexual life. One can enjoy sex as he used to before the surgery. Vasectomy does not affect testosterone levels, erections, ejaculation, and climax or sex drive of any person.

Vasectomy Reversal

Can vasectomies be reversed? Well, that is a big question. In the old times, Vasectomy was considered as a permanent solution. Even today, it is considered as a permanent solution to control the birth rate. But with technology and science, nothing is impossible today. Vasectomies can be reversed. Medical science advancements provide answers to more complex procedures which were impossible before. Some time ago, it was possible to reverse the new vasectomies cases, whereas it was considered impossible to reverse the old vasectomies. But today even old vasectomies can be reversed with the help of modern medical science.


A vasectomy reversal procedure, the effects of Vasectomy get reversed. Vas deferens are reattached to the penis so that the sperm can reach the penis through these tubes, a very complex procedure. Mostly, Vasectomy reversal procedures performed in hospitals. The procedure cannot be done without giving anesthesia to the patient. The surgery is a 2 to 4 hours procedure. One should only go for this surgery when it is extremely important. There are mainly two types of vasectomy reversal procedures;

  • Vasovasostomy: In this procedure, the doctor sews both the ends of vas deferens that were cut apart during Vasectomy, so that the sperm can go through these tubes from testicles to the penis again.
  • Vasoepididymostomy: This procedure is more complex than the previous one. In this procedure, the doctor attaches the vas deferens to a small organ named Epididymis that holds the sperm inside the testicles. The doctors choose this method only when the first method does not work.

Why People Need This?

The decision to have a vasectomy takes a lot of thought. A person decides to have a vasectomy after thinking about all the consequences. Then why people change their minds? Why is there a need for a vasectomy reversal procedure? Several reasons change the mind of a person. Some of the reasons are;

  • Losing an only child
  • Losing a life partner
  • Change in kids planning
  • Divorce
  • Having medical problems after Vasectomy


The effectiveness of Vasectomy reversal surgery depends on many factors. The older the vasectomy case, the fewer chances are there to reverse it successfully. Vasectomies can be reversed up to 20 years after the initial process. After the successful vasectomy reversal surgery, there are 30 to 70 percent chances to become a father again. However, becoming a father after vasectomy reversal surgery depends on some other factors as well. Some of the most important factors are;

  • Age
  • Partner’s age
  • Fertility
  • Partner’s fertility
  • The surgeon who performed reversal surgery

Side Effects

The vasectomy reversal surgery is almost safe, and one usually does not experience any side effects after the surgery. The surgery can be successful or unsuccessful, but it is very rare to have any side effects after the surgery. In some rare cases these side effects can be found;

  • Bleeding in scrotum
  • Infection
  • Pain in testicles


Vasectomy Reversal Surgery is now possible with the help of Modern Medical Science. However, this surgery should be done unless when it is necessary. Getting a vasectomy does not affect a man’s sex life. After Vasectomy, a person can enjoy sex as before. It does not cause any physical weakness. There are no serious side effects of Vasectomy. A person should undergo vasectomy reversal surgery only when it is extremely important for him.

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