Should You Combine Intermittent Fasting and Keto?

Custom Keto Diet

We all think that combining two diet charts will give you better results. But is that even true? Combining two diets may or may not promise you good results as expected. Combining the keto diet and intermittent fasting is the new health trend these days. Experts believe that the keto diet and intermittent fasting have … Read more

Effective Home Remedies For Earache


One of the most common causes of ear pains is ear infections. When there is an infection in the ear, the inflammation and the increase in pressure makes the pain in the ear take an intense turn. People might look at earaches to being just a minor nuisance but it can be the cause of … Read more

Dry Fruits As Fuel During Long Runs

dry fruits

Long runs are something everyone should try to do in their life. Long runs have many benefits. It helps to build stamina, speed, and mental toughness. It can be called as a building block for effective training. Whether you are new in running or a 1000 miles runner, the long run is very much essential … Read more

Does Covid-19 Trigger New Diabetes Cases?

covid-19 diabetes

COVID-19 is an ongoing hazard to the whole humankind. It mainly affects the respiratory system, which causes asthma, breathing issues, sometimes pneumonia, and even death. Even though the main issue is with respiration as side effects, it can cause various other problems like memory loss, tiredness, aches, and pains, etc. Now research has found that … Read more

How These Inexpensive Nuts Good For You: Peanuts


Nuts are the healthiest snack, and it is beneficial for your health. Nuts will help you to lose weight. Nuts contain many types of fiber, protein, fats, nutrients, and vitamins. There are many types of nuts present in which nutrient contains varies. They can be used in dishes as the main ingredient. You can also … Read more

5 Tips To Crush Summer Stress

summer stress

Summers are almost everyone’s favorite. But it has been found out that during summer, people are unable to cope up with adversity, and their stress levels are spiked. Summertime brings on busy weekdays with a lot of workloads and tight weekends. The traveling urge is too high in summers, and your time is more extended … Read more

Boost Memory And Brain Function With The MIND Diet

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Role of Diet in Brain Health Somebody has wisely said that “what we eat, we become.” Although food is a means of providing energy to the body, it also has various other abilities like protecting the body from different diseases, preventing dysfunction, etc. Our brain is said to be the central system of the body … Read more

Folexin Review


Why is hair so important? Scientifically it is said that the primary function of hair is to keep your body insulated. But let’s face it; that’s not why most people love their hair. Your hair can really boost your self-esteem. You may be among the many who invest in a good shampoo, conditioner, and a … Read more