Even Moderate Drinking Can Shrink Brain Over Time

There are a lot of certified bad habits in the world that we live in and drinking alcohol certainly has a crucial spot in this list. While most of us enjoy drinking alcohol, there is an equal majority of us who exploit ourselves in the high that our bodies receive after consuming alcohol. And everybody … Read more

How Aging Affects Your Feet

Aging feet

As we tend to get old we start worrying about our health— it could be about our heart health, our memory power, our immunity, our strength of the body, etc. If there’s one thing that we do not pay attention to, it has to be our feet. I think the only time we do some … Read more

Why Calories Needed for Men and Women Are Different?

Happy young couple

There are various factors due to which the number of calories needed for men and women differs. Let us first have a look at how many calories generally men and women need to maintain their current weight. Generally, women can consume 1900-2000 calories to maintain their current weight and men can consume around 2400-2500 calories … Read more

How To Get Back To Strength Training

Strength training

There can be a lot of reasons for you to stop working out considering the kind of situation the entire world is in right now — the pandemic situation! Most of us are working from home and some of us are battling the virus ourselves. So whether you have been in a total lockdown mode … Read more

Vitamins for Increased Blood Flow to Penis

Food is what makes your body and each organ. Therefore different experts in medical science and nutrition focus on the food as it can offer required benefits to those who seek medical support in terms of the increased size of the penis. One needs to focus on different dietary supplements as per the nutritionists but … Read more