Why Calories Needed for Men and Women Are Different?

There are various factors due to which the number of calories needed for men and women differs. Let us first have a look at how many calories generally men and women need to maintain their current weight. Generally, women can consume 1900-2000 calories to maintain their current weight and men can consume around 2400-2500 calories per day to maintain their current weight. However, if you are willing to either lose weight or gain weight then, you can reduce or add 500 calories to reduce or gain half a kg weight in a week. It is to be noted that while aiming to lose weight it is advised not to reduce your calorie intake below 1200 calories per day for women and below 1800 calories for men. As it can affect your health badly and such weight is difficult to sustain.

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Mostly, men are taller and heavier as compared to females they also have more muscles as compared to women. Due to this men have less fat and better metabolism. Men can burn more calories than women as a result, they require more amount of calories. Although men require more calories to maintain healthy weight women require more amount of nutrition to maintain their weight. Women require more amount of minerals and vitamins due to the changes their body goes through. Below given are the essential components that men and women require and why their required amount differs.

Protein Requirement

Protein is necessary for the overall smooth functioning of the body. It helps in improving the energy of the body and carries oxygen in the body. It is also necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. However, it is to be noted that it should be consumed in the recommended amount only as consuming too much protein can lead to weight gain as it is stored in the form of fat. Consuming too little protein can also be bad for your health as it can cause muscle loss. Since men have more muscle mass as compared to women they require more protein to maintain their muscle mass.

Carbs Intake

Carbs are a necessary part of a balanced diet. It is vital to maintain the energy of the body. It is important for the smooth functioning of the body. It provides energy to the body during exercise or a workout session. The carbs that are not used as energy are stored in the body as fat. Men require more amount of carbs as they burn more carbs during a workout session. However, women tend to burn fewer carbs and more fat during a workout. Carbs are also necessary as they provide fiber to the body, fiber makes you feel full for a longer time and also promotes digestion.


Calcium is necessary for healthy bones and teeth. It also ensures the smooth working of nerves and the movement of muscles. Studies concluded that calcium can also lower blood pressure for various people. Calcium deficiency can cause weak nails and long-term problems like osteoporosis. On average women require 1000-1200 milligrams (mg) of calcium in a day and men require around 1300 mg calcium per day. Men can meet their daily calcium requirements as they consume more amounts of calories as compared to women. Women are often suggested to consume calcium supplements to meet their daily calcium requirement.


Iron is necessary for the overall development of the body. It is known to make hemoglobin, which is essential for supplying oxygen to the body. The deficiency of iron can lead to various health issues like anemia. The daily requirement of iron is about 7-8 mg for men and around 17-18 mg for women. Women require more iron as they go through menstruation. Studies indicate that women lose around 1.5 mg of iron each day while menstruating.

Below given are the factors due to which calorie requirements of men and women differ:

Basal Metabolic Rate

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) refers to the number of calories required by the body to carry out its fundamental functions like breathing and producing cells. To identify your BMR you can use the equation based on your gender. The equation includes height, weight, age, and gender. Once you are through with the calculation, based on the level of your physical activity you can determine the number of calories you need to maintain your weight. BMR can be considered as a safe way to determine the calorie requirement. Since each person has a different body composition each person’s calorie requirement will differ.

Muscle Mass

Another factor that affects the number of calories men and women consume can be muscle mass. The more the amount of muscle mass one has more the calories are required. People who have more muscle mass and less fat can consume a good amount of calories without the risk of weight gain. However, people who have more fat and less muscle mass need to consume only the required amount of calories as they can gain weight easily. It can be seen that most men have more muscle mass as compared to women. Hence they require more amount of calories. However, it is not true for all individuals hence, it is advised to determine your calorie intake considering all the necessary factors.

Extent of activity

The extent of your physical activity also determines the number of calories you can consume. When you are more active physically you burn more amount of calories which creates a big calorie deficit. You can consume calories based on your weight goal. Generally, people don’t need to make any changes as they opt for light exercise like walking or cycling. However, for people who lift weights, and follow long workout sessions the calorie intake differs. Such people require more amount of calories as they burn a good amount of energy. You can also determine the number of calories required by multiplying the BMR with the extent of activity you carry out according to the chart. Hence calorie intake can differ based on the level of activity one carries out.


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