What is Depression with Mixed Features?

Almost 90% of people in the whole world is facing mental problems nowadays.  The major one among them is depression. Depression is a very fast-evolving and widespread mental problem that makes people suicidal and harmful by nature and behavior.

Depression has some specific types and stages, and people suffering from depression go through all these stages at some point or the other. One such type of depression is depression with mixed features. Depression with various components is an extreme type of depression that causes very dangerous mental and physical on people and deteriorates their health day-by-day. It makes them worse with each passing day.

Depression with mixed features is also known as ‘agitated depression’ because it is the extreme stage of depression. The symptoms that occur in this type of depression also include hypomania disease relations. This depression is typically related to mood fluctuations, and sub fluctuations give severe results to the people suffering from the same.

This depression gives terrible symptoms to the people at its initial stage and becomes much more in-depth and dangerous at its secondary stage. If these symptoms are diagnosed at the initial stage and treated appropriately, then the people’s mental and physical health will be less affected than in its secondary stage. That is why it is essential to trace and treat depression in the initial stage to prevent future loss of the person’s mental and physical health.

What is Depression with Mixed Features?

Depression with Mixed Features is a mental disease that gives extreme mood fluctuations to people. In this mental problem, people change their moods and behavior frequently and become unpredictable with time. This problem’s primary stage is possible to be treated in one way or another, but the secondary and last stage is untreatable and uncontrollable.

This type of depression starts from primary or mild depression with little impact on the behavior. It ends in giving extreme changes in behavior from time-to-time and causes hypomania in the patients. Hypomania, it is almost impossible to bring them out of this zone for the whole of their life.

The many symptoms of depression with mixed features mental problem include fatigue, in which people become weak and disabled to such an extent that they are unable to walk sometimes. Suppose people are facing walking and standing problems at the initial stage. In that case, they should immediately consult a doctor or a physician to further deterioration of their health is prevented.

The people suffering from depression with mixed features become too silent and conscious or become overly chatty or talkative. In both these extreme stages, people become out of control and start to assume and predict things according to their moods and thought processes. That is why such people need to be correctly understood and controlled by keeping a proper balance of emotions and practicality.


Effects of Depression with Mixed Features on people

Below is a list of effects that the people face due to their mental problem of depression with mixed features-

  • Fluctuation in weight:

Depression with mixed features is a severe mental problem that also causes physical failures in people. Sometimes the people may suffer from extreme weight gain while they may lose a lot of weight suddenly.

These people may also gain a habit of consuming excess alcohol or other harmful substances that considerably deteriorate their health and make them feel much depressed and lowered after its consumption.

Consumption of alcohol and smoking can harm the people and make people suffer from terrible outcomes of the same to them.

  • Insomnia or oversleeping:

Insomnia is a condition that reduces sleep in people and makes them feel lonely and uneasy at night time. Due to deficiency of sleep, some people can also become suicidal, try many attempts to take their own lives, and that too with extremeness.

In some other cases, people suffer from conditions like oversleeping. Their sleep never ends, and they feel sleepy and dizzy for the whole day. They also suffer a loss of energy and enthusiasm and feel low and depressed during the daytime.

In both these extreme sleep diseases, people will suffer awful results both emotionally and physically. These aspects make people suicidal and weak, and other people may see them as helpless and significantly negative in their attitude.

  • Restlessness or retardation:

Many mood swings occur in people having depression with mixed features, and one such mood swing is restlessness and retardation in energy level and enthusiasm. The people’s helplessness makes the other ones feel negative about them and try to stay away from them much more.

To keep themselves fresh, people try to adopt many things initially but fail to achieve them sometimes. As a result, they become restless and weaker day-by-day and lose all hopes of living their lives in this problem’s final stage.

The people’s self-esteem is retarded day-by-day, and eventually, they isolate themselves and become extremely suicidal.  Some people succeed in their suicidal attempts, while some do not have the strength and caliber to take their suicidal attempts to a successful end.

  • Fluctuations in the mood:

The irrational and impractical fluctuations in the moods of the patients of depression cause them to become irritated with each passing day, and such people isolate themselves from others with passing time.

The people may become delighted sometimes, but immediately they may cry exceptionally too. Sometimes they may be enraged to a great extent, but the next moment, they are happy and happy about their day and their life.

Such people should be taken care of properly and should not be neglected; otherwise, they may quickly become suicidal because of being hurt very easily. Also, while speaking in front of such people, the other people should maintain a barrier between what they are thinking and what they should say. Otherwise, people will get hurt and lose hope in their life much more significantly than before.

The above effects are responsible for the strange and inappropriate behavior of the people. Because of these effects, people may even start losing confidence in them and begin to lose their friends and family if miscommunication or misunderstanding grows between those people and their loved ones.


Depression with mixed features has their own bad and adverse effect on people, and this type of depression makes people weak from inside and outside. To keep yourself away from this disease, you should take proper care of your mental and physical health. You should make sure that you take appropriate treatment if you think you are facing some of this disease’s symptoms.

With proper precautions and care, you will surely be able to keep yourself away from this disease and will remain happy and confident in your life. You should also try and engage yourself in those activities that make you happy and help you carry forward your passion and hobby.

Pursuing your hobbies is the best way to deal with your depression and come out of it successfully and energetically. They will keep you busy and engaged and will help you explore the new and beautiful side of the world. These hobbies will also increase your interest in living your life happily, and you will enjoy each moment of the same with full love and enthusiasm.

Therefore, to live life happily and stay away from depression in any form, you should keep yourself in the activities you love to pursue. You can fight depression with the best results now, and no one can stop you from doing the same.

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