Workouts To Boost Your Sex Performance

Sex is the need of the body whether it is a man or a woman. When we talk about stamina or energy in general, it can mean so many things like how much a person can work or lift heavy things. But in sex, stamina is referred to how long a person can last in bed. The average time is different for both men and women.

Men can last for two to five minutes whereas women can last for about 20 minutes. Everyone wants to have a good sex life. Your sex life also affects your relationship with your partner. If you think that you do not last for a long time in bed and you wish to improve your stamina when it comes to sex, you can definitely do so.


Yes, you heard it right. Not many people are aware that there are actually workouts that can help a person boost their sex performance. Let us look at some of the exercise routines that you can include to boost your stamina

  • Biceps– There are a lot of bicep exercises that you can include in your workout routine to boost up your stamina. Stronger biceps mean that you can handle more when it comes to lifting and pulling. Some of the bicep exercises are bent-over rows, chin-up and
  • Triceps– Strong triceps make pushing easier as well as make our upper body stronger. The exercises to include are triceps, bench press, extension through triceps and pull or push down.
  • Pectoral– Our pectoral muscles are used for everything we do like opening a door or lifting something. Stronger pectoral muscles mean a stronger body overall. The pectoral exercises to include are bench press, chest dips and push-ups
  • Abdominal– Abdominal exercises are important for stronger abs. Abdominal exercises can also help us in being balanced and we will not encounter any back pains. The exercises are sit-ups, planks and high knees.
  • Lower Back– Lower back pains are the worst. So many people face this kind of pain. A stronger lower back supports our spine. The exercises to make our lower back stronger are bridges, lying lateral leg raise and superman extension
  • Pelvic Floor– Our genitals are controlled by our pelvic floor. If you want to build your sexual stamina, then you need stronger and flexible pelvic muscles. The exercises you can try are kegels, squats and bridges.
  • Glutes– If you have weak glutes, it can affect your balance which can affect your performance in bed. Exercises you can try are squats, weighted lunges and hip extension.
  • Quads and hamstrings– Stronger quads and hamstrings make your hips and knees stronger. Your hips and knees affect your overall performance in bed. The exercises you can try are leg press, lunges and step-up.

There are a number of videos or tutorials available for the above mentioned exercises online. You can watch these videos and learn the correct form of exercises and include them in your workout routine.

Men who exercise a lot have less chances of suffering from sexual dysfunction. Apart from all the exercises, there are few more tips that can help you better your performance in bed. These tips include lubrication, foreplay, having sex more often, knowing your pleasure points, limiting your alcohol intake as alcohol can make a person lazy.

Stretching your hands and legs also helps. Also, maintaining a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet can also help. It is also important to sleep well at least for 7-8 hours. You can enjoy sex better with your partner if you are not sleep deprived. Eating a lot just before having sex can also cause a little drowsiness which will result in both the partners not enjoying sex. These are also some of the bad habits that can make you enjoy sex less. So in addition to working out, you can keep these things in mind to boost your sex performance.

Flexibility is also important during sex. If you are flexible, then you can definitely last longer in bed. There are few exercises that you can incorporate in your workout routine to be more flexible.

  • Standing hamstring stretch– This exercise is really helpful for your neck, back, glutes, hamstrings and calves.
  • Reclining bound angle pose– This exercise is good for your inner thighs, hips and groin.
  • Lunge with spinal twist– You can try this exercise for your hips, quads and back.
  • Triceps stretch– This is an important exercise for your neck, shoulders, back and triceps.

All the above mentioned exercises are done in a specific manner and it is very important to do the exercise in the right way otherwise there is no use of doing it. It is best to watch some tutorials online or take the help of your gym trainer if you go to the gym.

Communication is the key and there is no need to shy away from it. If you feel that things are not right in your relationship, then you should communicate it with your partner in a nice way. If sex is the issue, then workout can actually solve this problem. You and your partner can also choose to work out together. Not only improving your performance in bed, these workouts also have a lot of other benefits like improving your memory, preventing a lot of diseases and also help managing your weight. These workouts can be done by both men and women to improve their sexual performance. Scientific studies have proved that regular exercising can improve your sex life.

In addition, there are some exercises that can help improve your breathing. Strengthening your tongue can result in improved breathing which can increase your stamina for oral sex. The tongue exercises which you can try are: –

  • Tongue pull back
  • Tongue push ups

The above mentioned exercises are a little technical and you will need to follow a proper technique for these exercises. But with these there are a few basic exercises also which everyone must have heard of which include: –

  • Cardio– You can do any physical activity that can make you breath faster. It can be anything like brisk walking or cycling. It can increase your blood flow. It can help both genders to improve their sexual performance.
  • Swimming– Studies have proved that people who swim whether they are male or female have a good sex life even in their 60s. Their sex life is almost similar to the sex life of people in their 20s. Swimming boosts blood flow, improves flexibility and strength, reduces stress.
  • Plank– Plank is the perfect exercise to strengthen your ab muscles. It also strengthens your upper arms, thighs and buttocks. You can do this exercise once a day for a minimum of 60 seconds or even longer.

It is also said that couples who workout together stay together. So, you can go on a work out date with your significant other. You can choose any workout you like and do it together. It will strengthen your emotional connection too and will improve your performance in bed.

More than improving your performance in bed, physical activity reduces stress and it is ultimately good for your sex life. Stress is a mood killer and if one person is stressed then both are not going to enjoy sex. If you are stressed, then your body produces more hormone cortisol that can decrease your interest in sex over the period of time. Exercise can actually make you feel good and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle which will result in better performance in bed. Workout can also increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence. It can make a person feel sexy and a person is more likely to indulge in sexual activities.


It is actually very hard to believe for some people that there are workouts that can help you improve your sex performance. Some people may have never heard of it. But studies have actually shown good results. Sex is an important part of our life. Lack of sex or a bad sex life can actually spoil a person’s mood or even relationship between two people. It can cause stress in a relationship. So, having a good sex life is very important as it has a lot of benefits. If you are someone who feels that you are not satisfied with your performance in bed, then you can definitely try including these exercises in your workout routine. If you feel that your partner does not last that long in bed, then you can communicate with your partner and convince them to try out these exercises.

It is clear by now that everything we do in our daily routine affects our sex life in some way or the other. We usually think that workout or exercises help us in losing weight. But it helps us in a lot of things including improving our sexual performances. So it becomes really important for everyone whether it is a man or a woman to indulge in a good workout routine.

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